News You Can Use: Top Five Social Media Sites January 9 – 17

I was going to post a list of all the great social media articles I’ve come across in the past week.  In fact, a lot of time went into compiling the list.  Then I saw a list of the Top 42 Content Marketing Blogs and realized that even though I regularly follow several of them and consume vast quantities of information daily, there’s no way one person CAN read everything.  If no one can, then I don’t have to, either!  PHEW!  What a relief!  I feel as though an enormous weight has been lifted from my shoulders!  That said, now I have a problem.

If you can’t read everything but can’t ignore everything, either, how does a  person choose what to read?  To answer that question, perhaps we should consider the list. First, I found it in my Facebook news feed from Social Media Examiner (which, not coincidentally, comes in at number 6 on the list).  Second, “The Junta42 Top 42 Content Marketing Blogs list highlights the best bloggers on the web discussing content marketing. Each blog on the list has been rated by our expert staff in terms of content strength, depth, regularity and, to a very small extent, popularity.”  In other words, it’s just someone else’s opinion.  Again, more weight lifted.  I’m practically floating here!

After much consideration, I’ve decided to share with you my own favorites (for this week, anyway) based upon who I think my audience is and the information that I think would benefit you.

1.  First on my list is Social Media Examiner.  I liked everything they posted this week.  They cover a wide variety of social media topics, and I like their use of videos (especially the ones with Mari Smith).

2.  Next is Social Media Today.  Again, they post a wide variety of interesting social media articles.  Just this week, there were articles about SEO, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, blogging, using social media to get a job, and more.

3.   Search Engine Journal comes in at number three this week because I liked a couple of their articles about Facebook and another about Social Networking and SEO.

4.  Fourth, and this may be more about my desire to improve my blog than it is about my audience (though you probably should have a blog if you’re using social media to market your business), I found a lot of good content from Danny Brown and friends at

5.  Finishing out my top five this week is Mari Smith.  Mari’s specialty is Facebook, but she is a consistent purveyor of all kinds of social media tips and tricks, and this week was no different.  Besides, she’s just fun.

So, there’s my list.  That’s not to say that Junta42’s list isn’t fantastic.  I’m sure it is.  I just don’t think my readers (is anyone out there?) have enough time to digest that much information.

Which blogs do you follow?  Will you add any of these to your list?


Getting Back to ME: 2011 Resolutions

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I’ve been putting myself last for years now, not because anyone asked me to but because nothing brings me greater joy than my family, so taking care of their needs before mine just came naturally.  Something happened recently, though, that made me pause to think about life:  I turned 49.  Next December, I’ll be 50.  The big five-oh.  Wow.

I looked in the mirror and saw a woman in serious need of a make-over – not only on the outside, but on the inside as well.  Next December, I want to be a Fab 50, not a frumpy or frazzled 50.  So, I’ve decided:  2011 is the year to get back to ME.  With my youngest child half-way through kindergarten, my husband finishing his Master’s degree in June, and the New Year right around the corner, it seems to me that some resolutions are in order.

Now, I’m not looking for an extreme make-over.  Uh-uh.  These need to be realistic, achievable goals.  That’s not to say they won’t be challenging.  After all, some of them have been attempted before, and some have been achieved but not maintained.  Knowing that goals must be specific and measurable and that it helps to be held accountable, I’m sharing with you my resolutions for 2011:

  1. Fit into my wedding ring.  I think I’ll need to lose about 15 pounds for that to happen, but the number of pounds is not as important to me as the ability to wear my wedding ring again.  I am proud of the man I married and miss wearing the ring that symbolizes our love.  Fitting into my skinny jeans will be a nice bonus.  This goes hand-in-hand with resolution number two.
  2. Exercise/improve heart health.  I plan to utilize my treadmill and work-out DVDs at least three times per week before the boys get up for school and continue to walk with friends when I can.  I also will reduce carbs, increase vegetables, eat reasonably-sized portions, and drink more water.
  3. Reduce coffee intake.  Heck, I might even eliminate coffee altogether; have done it before.  I hear there’s going to be a coffee shortage in 2011, so it seems like a good time to give it up.  Tea is good.  I’ll drink that and more water from now on.  Coffee makes me jittery and upsets my stomach, anyway.
  4. Read at least two grown-up books per month:  one for fun and one for education/self-improvement.  Books read with the children, while fun, don’t count.  I love to read and don’t know how this simple pleasure managed to slip out of my life for so long.  To accomplish this, I plan to turn off my computer by 9:00 p.m. every night.  Period.  That’s going to be the hard part.
  5. Blog once a week or more.  This is totally new, but once a week shouldn’t be difficult.  I read a great deal online.  Add to that at least two new books a month, and I should be able to find SOMETHING interesting to blog about.   My husband will be thrilled if I manage to use part of my daily word allowance by blogging because I talk A LOT.  The challenge for me will be to crank the postings out quickly and not over-think the writing because I’m a bit of a perfectionist.  Being a social media consultant and work-at-home-mom (WAHM) of “advanced maternal age” (AMA),  my topics likely will include kids, food, health, aging, earth, social media, marketing…in short, whatever is “onmymindrightnow.”

What are your resolutions for 2011?

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