In Spring, 2000, I’d been married for nearly three years, recently suffered a miscarriage, and was 38 years old.  Our fertility specialist advised I was subfertile and had a 12% chance of getting pregnant without in vitro.  There was nothing wrong with me…I just couldn’t get pregnant.   He recommended we proceed to in vitro right away if we hoped to conceive because, even then, chances were slim at my age.

After many tears and much discussion, my husband and I agreed to adopt because I felt strongly that if I couldn’t get pregnant even though nothing was wrong, there must already be a baby out there for us.  We were put on an adoption waiting list and rapidly moved from 21 to 11.  We were elated…and relieved.

One day while reading the newspaper, I came across an article about acupuncture and how it could help with fertility.  Immediately, I contacted every acupuncturist in my area and found ONE that I liked.  Rather than telling me it could take a year or more of treatments, she told me that if it was going to work for me it would work within two or three months.  And it did.  About two months after my first treatment, I found out I was pregnant.  Thank you, Dr. Janwei Liu!

My obstetrician advised that I should stop taking the herbs Dr. Liu had prescribed because the effects of the herbs were unproven by western medicine and could be dangerous.  I told him, “Western medicine didn’t know what was wrong with me.  Eastern medicine not only knew what was wrong, it FIXED it!  I will continue whatever course of treatment Dr. Liu prescribes!”  I’m glad I did because today we celebrate the ninth birthday of the first of our two miracles. 

Despite “advanced maternal age” (the lovely label placed on our son’s bassinet at the hospital), both our boys are perfectly healthy.

While I’m sure there are many benefits to becoming a parent earlier in life, I am happy to be an older mom.  I don’t mind that some of our boys’ friends have grandparents younger than me.  I don’t mind that I’ll be 60 when our youngest graduates from high school.  For me, waiting was a good choice, and I’ve been rewarded for it.


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