My RSS feed

I finally got around to setting up an RSS feed which I hope will make it easier to keep up with the seemingly limitless amount of data coming at me daily.

I chose Google Reader ( for the RSS feed. It was easy to install and use with the exception that it won’t delete or hide things I’ve already read. That frustrated me because I often come across content that will need to be accessed again sometime or I just don’t have time to digest at the moment. With well over 100 articles in the feed just since 1/18/11, it was readily apparent that the list soon would become too cumbersome to maneuver.

Enter Delicious ( a tool that allows me to collect my bookmarks, add tags and notes, search them, and also see what other people are bookmarking (another way to find good content I may have missed).

With Google Reader and Delicious in place, it took a fraction of the time it used to take to sort through more than 100 articles and find keepers (19 this week) covering topics from SEO optimization, content marketing, blogs, security, Facebook, and apps. There are lots of different options available for RSS feeds. This is just what I’ve chosen to use for now.

If you’ve had experience — good or bad — with other tools, I’d love to hear about them.


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